The pursuit of silence and the sound of metal has been my journey.  It all started when I heard my first Himalayan singing bowl, the chattering in my head stopped. The vibration and tones, which vary with each bowl took me on a sound journey were words are not necessary.  I had gone to a place of remembering sacredness without the thought of remembering.  I found it easier than meditation, no effort.

So inspired by the singing bowl, I traveled across the country to find them. I now have quite a few antique bowls in my care. With the help of others who are experts in the field of singing bowls and putting in my own time, I have put together various harmonic sets that are used in our Sound Journeys. It has become a loving passion to share my love of the sound of metal with others.

I am a graduate of the Singing Bowl Master Level Program developed by Mitch Nur, Ph.D. This program gives students an understanding of the cultural uses, history, scientific evaluation, and application of both ancient and modern Himalayan Singing Bowls.​ Dr. Nur is also instrumental in teaching the very same elements about the use of gongs.  As you can see after reviewing this website, there is a vast collection of Gongs from around the world which round out the entire sound experience.


My journey into sound therapy was based largely on my desire to support my wife’s path of helping others through learning how to play the vast number of instruments my wife has collected through the years.  My own career as a Psychotherapist and Administrator for Mental Health Programs over the past 40 years provided me with some insight into her desire to find a path that gave her personal meaning and a way to help others. Little did I know that we would end up on this path together.

I started out by doing the heavy lifting and set ups and found myself content. One day Linda asked me if I wanted to play the gongs and she showed me how to drone.

Soon after, I was attending Gong Camp presented by Linda’s teacher, Mitch Nur, Ph.D.  Now Linda and I play together with friends doing both Private and Public Sound Journeys for our community and all the tourists that visit here in Southwest Colorado. It is an exciting prospect to pursue a joint adventure with my Life Partner.

Addendum from Linda:  My dear husband has dementia now.  He is as sweet as can be and fortunately has not lost the ability to play his big gongs.  He can be pretty quiet but he loves when people spend a moment speaking with him after a performance.