• Come and experience the healing benefits of epic spacial vibrations produced by large gongs, singing bowls and other sound instruments made out of new and ancient metals, clay and wood. These unique instruments will surround you in our 1300 square feet acoustical sound space.


Benefits of Sound Journeys

  • Deep relaxation
  • Empties the chattering in your mind
  • Positively affects mood
  • Emotional stress reducer
  • Physical stress reducer
  • Quality time to effortlessly work on oneself
  • Exhaustion from sleeplessness
  • Increases the body’s ability to heal itself
  • Potential pain reducer of targeted areas of the body
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History of Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gongs from Around the World

A short dive into the known history of Singing bowls and Gongs with pictures and videos.

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  • Linda

    The pursuit of silence and the sound of metal has been my journey.  It all started when I heard my first Himalayan singing bowl, the chattering in my head stopped. The vibration and tones, which vary with each bowl took me on a sound journey were words are not necessary.  I had gone to a place of remembering sacredness without the thought of remembering.  I found it easier than meditation, no effort.

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  • Tom

    My journey into sound therapy was based largely on my desire to support my wife’s path of helping others through learning how to play the vast number of instruments my wife has collected through the years.  My own career as a Psychotherapist and Administrator for Mental Health Programs over the past 40 years provided me with some insight into her desire to find a path that gave her personal meaning and a way to help others. Little did I know that we would end up on this path together.

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  • Sound Journey Events

    Public Sound Journey: first, third, fifth Saturdays of each month at 1:00 pm


    Private Sound Journey: individual, couples or private group – call 970-389-9422 to schedule

    Special Instructions

    • Bring blanket, small pillow, eye pillow and bolster for back of knees.  Out of town guest, we will provide what you need.
    • Please arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of event.
  • Cost

    Public events

    • Front Door tickets: $25.00
    • Buy your ticket on Eventbrite: $35.00 (priority reservations)
    • Punch tickets: $100.00 for 6 public events – best deal

    Private events

    • Individual: $60.00
    • Couple: $90.00
    • Group: $90.00 for first two, $25.00 for each person after that
  • Open on all Saturdays: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Monday thru Fridays: by appointment only (just give us a call)
  • Public Sound Journeys – 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays of each month @ 1:00 pm
  • Private Individual, Couple and Group Sound Journeys are scheduled by appointment (just give us a call)