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Singing Bowls and Gongs Harmonic Sound Therapies

Like many other wonderful healing modalities, Harmonic Sound Therapy is truly something wonderful to experience. Once a session is completed, there is often a sense of peace and the realization of being wide open to all possibilities. You will have experienced tangible "vibration" (without effort)!

This "vibrational energy" is one of the best means to unhook from the illusion of our storylines and hook instead to our source and strength within. There are many ways to experience the healing benefits of Harmonic Therapy with Singing Bowls and Gongs. We have laid out a few possibilities below that we can help with.


So many of us struggle day to day with the challenges of our busy physical and mental lives that we get lost in the constant stream of our own experience. Have you ever just sat out in nature, took a deep breath in and truly listen to the sweet birds that sing? How does that make you feel? Does it increase your joy and energy? Sure it does!

There are many wonderful healing modalities available that can help us find our true nature and help ground us (just like listening to the sweet song of a bird).

Harmonic Sound Therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls (especially the very old bowls) along with large Gongs is one of the more powerful ways we can tap into our bodies and our vibrational fields.

Think about scheduling an individual (or couple) harmonic sound therapy session. Sessions generally run 60 minutes and can do wonders if you are feeling frazzled, emotionally distraught, or in any kind of pain.

Please call us at (970) 389-9422 to set up a private appointment at our studio. We will surround you with antique singing bowls and magnificent gongs along with other delightful sound instruments.

1 hour for individual - $60.00
1 hour for couple - $90.00

The Edge of Silence

If finances are ever an issue, let us know. We are happy to make adjustments when helpful.

Since Tom and I work as a team, we will surround our guests in our 1300 square foot studio with the hypnotic sounds of 20 plus gongs interspersed with sweet singing bowls of all sizes and other sound instruments. Our guests will lay down on comfortable mats or if preferred, chairs are provided.

We schedule two monthly group sessions in our studio (see event schedule on the Home page).

Cost options of participating in a 1-hour (public event) group session:

Buy your ticket from Eventbrite - $22.85 per person
Buy your ticket at the door - $30.00 (cash preferred)

Cost option of a 1-hour private group (3 or more people) session:

$25.00 per person

The Edge of Silence

Please bring your own mat, small pillow and an eye pillow. These group events are not recommended for children who would not be able to lay still for the duration of the session. We hope to eventually offer sessions for kids so they can enjoy and move about as needed.